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VLOG - non-GMO-food

PCU Deutschland becomes approved auditor of the VLOG standard.

As of November 11, 2015 PCU Deutschland GmbH is a registered member of the “Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V. (VLOG – Association Food without Genetic Engineering).

In Germany there is significant consumer demand for non-GMO-food and the need for certifying and demanding this characteristic on products has been recognised by retailers. German retailers are advising their suppliers to get certified and proposing they use the VLOG-Standard. VLOG is currently the only collective voice representing the interests of businesses that support GMO-free food, whether they are agricultural producers, food manufacturers or retail chains. VLOG enables its members and licensees to communicate to consumers in a standardised way if food products sold are produced without the use of genetic engineering and without GMOs.

At present most VLOG members, and users of the VLOG-label, are based in Germany, but food producers based outside of Germany, including countries without their own equivalent national regulations, may use the “Ohne Gen Technik” seal as well. This seal of assurance will not only bring benefits to producers marketing within Germany, but also add commercial advantage to producers marketing in other EU countries. In addition for farmers and food processors located outside of Germany delivering to the German food market a VLOG membership and certification would beneficial.

For more information please visit www.ohnegentechnik.org or contact Markus Fertig of the Control Union office in Germany.